Zlín was better, coach Sparta Holoubek said after relegation from the cup

Sparta’s footballer coach David Holoubek, after defeating 2: 4 in the MOL Cup in Zlín, admitted that his opponent was better and deserved.

Letenský celok in Moravia lost 1: 3 after a prolongation and for the first time since 2011 did not stand in the cup competition or the quarterfinals.

“In the first half, the home had a lot of chances and the half-time result of the sportspel sverige game did not match. It was on the board and with the luck that we went into the cabin with a 1: 0 lead, “he said at club Holoubek club to Sparta’s opening goal scored by Matěj Pulkrab. Sparta against Sunday’s league In Pilsen made several changes in the set.In defense, for example, Daniel Köstl and Vaclav Dudl were in reserve. “The defensive and offensive phase is a matter of the whole team, so it’s certainly not a lot of chances that there was a new hit in the report,” Holoubek said.

Zlín equalized in 52 minutes Thanks to Marko Jordan, and when no goal was scored by the end of the game, the game was extended. “We were not completely concentrated and domestic because of our euphoria and feel that we were not in good shape, “ said Holoubek.

Sparta was better placed in the setting, but Václav Kadlec scored just a stick instead of a goal. “I have already celebrated, I was very surprised that it was not a goal.This would certainly have changed the course of the extra time, but it did not happen and we were punished, “stated the coach of the league.

The Zlín process was then decided by Haris Harba and Vukadin Vukadinovic from the penalty imposed on Luke’s hand Marek, who was eliminated after the second yellow card, and the home team did not take another penalty kick. “Of course we are disappointed that we did not win.But we have to get away from this game and concentrate on the league, “Holoubek said.

The result was also signed by Sparta who baesta betting sidor played the third match on the opponent’s court when it started on Thursday At the European Championship in Beer Sheva and on Sunday in a home competition in Pilsen.

“It sounds like an alibi, But when you think about it, you have to do with the common sense that it’s really challenging to play three outdoor matches within six days, “Holoubek said. ” These are really demanding doses and it’s at this moment Much complicated for us, “ said.