VIDEO Slovakia will win millions of euros: We want to divide them into three parts

BRATISLAVA – Ján Kováčik said that the Slovak Football Association, with a probability boundary for the continental championship 2016, will receive eight million Euros from the European Football Union (UEFA).

The League of the Slovak Football Association “I am very happy to have been able to engage Pavel Hapal, but we have not started the qualifi cation in Belarus, but we have a tremendous potential in the Netherlands, “ The team of SR” 21 “has a home stand in Myjave: ” They feel the best there, they have great conditions there for training or accommodation.In Myjava, it works as it should be, chosen by the implementation team headed by Pavol Hapal. “

The Slovaks have celebrated the historic participation in European championships, and the police also took part in Luxembourg. > “These things will happen, even if they are not supposed to. However, I respect the manifestation of joy in this way as well. Of course, it will be the theme for the closest aging with the pilots and the players’ representatives. The interview will be held in a calm spirit, “said Ján Kováčik, who confirmed that the Slovak fans, who were in the match in Luxembourg, are invited to the November national domestic championships against Switzerland (13.11. Trnava) and Iceland ( Zilina): “When we show a ticket from a contest in Luxembourg or are in our database, we will give them free tickets to Trnava and Žilina.”

The Slovak Football Association has already booked a training center and background in Vichy in France for several months to stay in Europe’s future championships. This was stated by the president of the Slovak Football Union (SFZ) Ján Kováčik in an interview that SFZ has released via its official YouTube channel. Vichy is a spa town in central France.From the historical point of view, it is known especially from the time of occupation by Nazi Germany in the years 1940-1944 as the seat of the collaborative government led by Marshall Pétain.

The change may occur after the formation of the basic groups, “added Kováčik . This will take place on December 12, 2015 in Paris, and the president of the SFZ also disclose his preferences: “I do not wish Belgium or Spain to compete in the first basket, on the contrary, I want domestic national selection or Germany. . ”