Veteran Pacquiao is going to Bradley, will it be his split?

Legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao goes one more time to fight. The anticipated duel of a thirty-five-year-old Filipino with five-year-old American Timothy Bradley for the WBO title in Welterweight in Las Vegas (PP, Sunday 3.00, Sport 1) may be his farewell to his career.

He has had over 65 professional matches. Last year’s fight with Floyd Mayweather, promoted as a century struggle, has lost. Now, however, Manny Pacquiao has another chance to handle bills with history.His rivalry with Timothy Bradley has a solid past, and it seems that this match would be the right one for the Philippines.

“When the boxers talk about their last match, they are mostly lazy to train because they are Last game, “says Pacquiao. “They are no longer eager, no longer concentrating. It’s different to me. For me, it is really important to win this game, show a good fight and convincingly win. It belongs to my boxing link. I love boxing and I love winning. “

Both boxers have played twice. In 2012, the winner was announced Bradley, which earned criticism both in the arena and the professional public.

“Even though I felt I had won, a lot of people did not think so.So I was not happy, “remembers Bradley, who lost the retaliation in 2014. “I was fighting as hard as it could be. I was otherwise mentally tuned, I had another plan. It did not work. “

Saturday’s duel in Las Vegas rivals seems to definitely judge. Pacquai’s career is coming to an end. It is possible that his other plans will also affect earnings. Pacquaio has a guaranteed seven million dollars, but it can earn more than once with a share of television rights. If he did not make up his mind, he could consider another match, for example, with the still-defeated American Danny Garcia.

Also, Bradley has something to fight for. “I’m ready. More than any other match. I’m going to defeat Manny Pacquiao. It’s now.It’s my only chance, it has the last chance. I’m ready, “says Bradley.