The party is simply the most. Liberec footballers now run home and in Europe

Sincerely, Liberec has been lucky from hell and coach Jindřich Trpišovský described how he was looking for a button in a match to push his opponent to a lower speed.

Nevertheless, underestimated guests from North Bohemia won 1-0, the coach with enthusiasm dropped a popular cap among people.

Fans have grown accustomed to the fact that sports director Jan Nezmar has been filming amateur videos after the big wins, but this time he showed only a celebration in the cabin.

While on the way from Split, the Liberec players in the plane were greatly celebrating , after Marseille stayed calm, so there was nothing to shoot.

Team has a style, not stars

Liberec is undergoing a remarkable period. It changes during the march.He fought for survival in the Czech league in the spring, but now he is passionate and courageous. Quality has not yet reached the teams that have sent three master titles under Ještěd. There is no Štajner, Koloušek or Holeňák (Golden Year 2002), there is neither Zapotočný or Hološko (2006), nor Breznaník or Bičík (2012).

The current team has a different style, with craftiness, offensive taste and relentless jogging. Even if it sounds like a shabby cliché, the main weapon is a bunch.

But where did it break? Why can Pavelka, Šural or Bakos play the front of the table and face the strength of Marseilles?

The tragic past season has scared the club owner Ludwig Karel, who built a new team in the summer.Nine players came, and especially the ambitious coach Trpišovský.

Reinforced. The Spartan helper, Koubek, was defeated in the defense, instead of the former Zizkov players, Bartosák and Hovorka, who had been paid four months in the spring, and played weekend for Cologne. The following are also enforced: Shala, Sykora, Folprecht.

“The team and the bunch are just the most. Then he’s going to do everything, “Coufal said.

The Trpišovský name change

The most important change was the folk coach Trpišovský, , he does not speak in phrases and he is drenched to work. He is friendly to the players, enjoys virtually anything, and has authority.He is confident, yet he remains humble.

“I’m proud of all boys, but of course I know what we were lucky. Probably all of us in Liberec prayed for us, and all our loved ones were in the church, “he said sincerely after a shocking victory over Marseilles.

Sports issues are governed by former cannonist Jan Nezmar, who as a player has had two titles and a series of European battles with Liberc. This is another invisible weapon. This year, Negara managed to build a solid team with smart change policy. He did not play like Pilsen or Jablonec and logically can not measure with Sparta.

Liberec is unique in its way: the club continues to work on a family basis, a lot of things work by hand.The U Nisy stadium does not have enough background for European matches, and for example, a journalist zone is in a tent that has blown a bit in the recent match with Braga. But these things will not get you so important when you see fun on the pitch.

Coaches, be calm. I feel it!

By the way, Liberec has a happy hand on the coaches. When in the autumn of 2001 after a series of failures to the former coach Škorpil installed a young Csaplár, Slovan stepped into the first title. Other titles were won by men who did not really believe much: Vítězslav Lavička and Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Jindřich Trpišovský is next in line.

“By the end of the match in Marseille it was ten minutes when I remembered the words of our patron.I have been in Liberec for three weeks and he said, “Be calm, I feel the same for Coach Shilhavy – this team will have tremendous strength,” said Trpišovský.

While Marseille is subject to euphoria, maybe a Libreville team is really born, and it will take a long way. That’s why it’s a pity to beat the power with Braga (0: 1), now the Slovan could be the lead team of the group.