The Martincans have won the races: Bystrica at home with just one point

BANSKA BYSTRICA – The only goal, even in weakness, fell after two-thirds in the match, when especially the Martincans occupying the bottom of the table was a lot. In the 29th minute after escaping with Galamboš, Kalembo Online klađenje u stranim kladionicama overcame Markovič in the fall in such a way that the video was studying video. Since the introductory bull, ice has played carefully and even bloody bloom has begun to bloom. If he did not shoot Važan twice in the 14th minute, only once he scored a goal and if the Themár missed a good shot in a minute later, the Martincans would go completely klađenje putem interneta empty.

The home in their passivity was even worse, in the 19th minute the concrete of Dzubin prevented Zigzah’s attempt, and that was all they could boast of. In the second third, it must be acknowledged, the more added in the activity and the laws were born chances.They gradually burned them from the 22nd Konečný, then Matoušek and Martin, when they jumped 29th minute and Markovič in weakness opened in the fall score, after pushing the puck into the goal. In offensive home, they did not make chances and only after the Heizere shot destroyed perfectly Dzubin. The Martinčanom score was the best, at 36. min from the angle was close to the next Goal Themár, but did not score a goal.

coach B. Bystrice: “Martin carefully defended, he did, we shot a little, played little aggressive, without emphasis on the goal, which he decided basically. The most chances we created paradoxically during the stretch, even with the upper hand.”

Daniel Babka, coach Martin: ” We knew that Bystrica was cool, he was preparing playoff, we saw her match in Nitra, she played compactly and honestly. We have consistently prepared ourselves, especially for defending the pre-space area. We have continually improved in this activity, but finally we have just collected from this space. He was greatly captured by Dzubin, the players fought sacrificed, the helm helped us in the lead, and in the separate raids we were lucky to choose players.

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