The jumps in Kuopio won Stoch, the overall winner of SP Schlierenzauer

KUOPIO – Austrian ski jumping Gregor Schlierenzauer (23) became the second World Cup winner for the second time. Pollyk Kamil Stoch won the championship in Kuopio, but “Schlierimu” was enough to win the final and the final position.

Schlierenzauer booked another overall triumph after the 2008/2009 season. Rakusan has four races ahead of the SPC on the forefront of an uninterrupted lead, has 1381 points and his biggest rival Nor Anders Bardal “only” 912.

Second place in Finland finished Daiki Ito Japanese, bronze won by German Severin Freund.

The Tirol was the third most rival after the first round of the race on the big bridge in the sixth place, his biggest rival Bardal.But Austin, who had 474 points ahead of Bardal in Finland, was just fine. He led the Poles, Kamil Stoch, the world champion jumping 135 meters long, and ahead of Severin Freund from Germany had an almost eight-point lead. Stoch has already made a head start and gained the sixth triumph in the SP races.

Schlierenzauer crowned a great season. He defended the triumph of the Tour Four Bridges and beat the record of Finn Matti Nykänen in the number of winnings in the series, now counting 48. In this year he was at the top eight times. Schlierenzauer on the throne for the King of the series has just replaced Bardal. “It’s great. I have a great joy, the season was great.” said Schlierenzauer

Results: 1. Kamil Stoch (Poland) .) 268.1 points (135.0 / 129.0 m) 2. Daiki Ito (Japan) 257.2 (129.0 / 132.0) 3. Severin Freund (DE) 255.2 129.5 / 130.0), 4. Anders Bardal (Norway) 253.7, 5. Gregor Schlierenzauer (Austria) 253.5, 6. Stefan Kraft (Austria) 252.0, 7. Michael Neumayer 245,0, 8. Jurij Tepes (Slov.) 245,6, 9. Tom Hilde (NOR) 245,3, 10. Jan Matura (Czech Republic) 244,8

Total Rank SP:
1. Schlierenzauer 1381 points, 2. Bardal 912, 3. Freund 819, 4. Anders Jacobsen (Norway) 792, 5. Stoch 747, 6. Richard Freitag .) 645