Nitra, at the Lige Championship premiere, skied with Skelleftea

Officials: Piragič (Rak.), Baluška – Rovenský, Spruce (all SR), excluding: 3: 5 to 2 min., Power plays: 2: 2, dilution: 0: 0.

nitrate. Hockey players HK Nitra is nevydarila premiere in the Champions League.In his opening remarks in Group D on Friday lost on home ice with the Swedish vice-champion AIK Skelleftea 2: 4th

City Zobor already several days preparing for magnificent sporting holiday, alone in a duel renewed Nitra arena but he did not bring a lot of joy.

Nitrania expiate for unretained introduction of the second period, when he conceded in quick succession two goals and had since been continually tightened ahead of the opponent.

After 40 minutes, losing 2: 3, the two goals given the advantage of numbers, Rifle transplanted Tibor Kutálek and Peter König.

Bronze team from the previous season Extraligový found in the final act, have power to balance, on the contrary, once cashed out stick Finn Janne Pesonen.

wards coach Antonína Stavjaňu off against Skellefteå again six days, this time on the ice opponent.

group is also twice meet with Czech Liberec (29thhome in August and September 3 outside). Crowded arena in Nitra where #hknitra enter the #CHL vs @skelleftea_aik. Follow live here – Champs Hockey League (@championshockey) August 21, 2015 Progress

From the beginning of the playing arena in Bratislava hockey busy with a number of opportunities, in addition to an excellent backdrop audience. Nitrania began fearlessly against the favorite.

The first big opportunity was however after 3 minutes attacker Skelleftea Calof, the goalkeeper Valent his shot went over close. On the other hand, he captured inaccurate kick off guests Saliji a slid Slovaks who, however vychytal attentive Hanses.

10 °.minutes, maintained the Nitra again Valent that defused the double chance Lindholm, especially his second save glove was the exhibition category.

Conclusion thirds belonged “Premier” in 16 minutes Kutálek barreling himself to grab the keeper, but the shot went his arm and two minutes later stopped the attempt M. Nováka. In the last seconds of shipwrecked on the right Hansesovom concrete and Saliji.

Nitra did not catch the other dvadsaťminútovky home.Calofa still did not take the warning seriously and soon to suffer when strong Forssell pushed the puck into the net.

About two minutes later went to the penalty box Bajtek visitors now express first power play advantage when Valenta from the blue line burned the productive defender Heed.It then could be 0: 3, but Lundberg headed in a good position outside.

In the middle of meeting, the first time they played the power play and Stavjaňa wards and just before the expiration of the sentence Burströma it used when Kutálek from the right cushion hammering a steep overshoot Hanses – 1: 2nd

In this state, however Nitrania long happy about, they two minutes were left behind and renumbered after Pesonen shot struck the puck into the open goal M. Pettersson.

Audience boiler despite adverse conditions drove their pets relentlessly forward, and numerous additional advantage which got a reduction.

40thminute after assists Stümpela pushed a shot from the blue line defender König.

Players from under Zobora the beginning of the third act came under pressure a Valent had to be alert. Above the ice, while hovering a slight haze, which however did not affect visibility.

The players did not buy the Swedish team defending a tight lead, but continue to remain active, 47 minutes to reclaim their lead Broadhurst, respectively Pesonen, quick checks but failed to lead to a gel end.

Nitra had a great chance to compensate a minute later after a pass Stloukalová despising banker Slovak alone when fired only into Hanses.

That he might repent, because in the 51stZackrissonovej minute after a pass got guests in the numerical advantage again dvojgólovým management Pesonen.

Nitrania have found strength to dramatization duel, while Valent still had to extinguish the danger of taking a chance Broadhurst and Zackrisson and shot at P. Pettersson saved the rod for it.

The score is now changed, players from under Zobora then entered the prestigious competition defeat 2: 4th

4th Elkins, 8 Taipalus, ZÁBORSKÝ 60 – 48 Smith Der #SCBern verliert sein erstes Spiel gegen @championshockey @HIFKHockey with 1: 3rd – SC Bern (@scbern_news) August 21, 2015

52nd Bisaillon – Trávníček 26, 33. Sramek, 37. Pavlik, 52 GERHÁT

ninthMikulík (folding), 23 CHOVAN What a debut from #CHL @hcneman_grodno…they’ve shut out the DEL @adlermannheim 2-0 Champions! – Champs Hockey League (@championshockey) August 21, 2015