NHL player saved defibrillator may return

BRATISLAVA. It was a normal match two average NHL clubs. Dallas plays in the first period with Columbus 0: 1, when there was a frightening moment. Home striker Rich Peverley collapsed right on the bench.

The scene recalled the situation nine years ago when it happened right in the same match Jiří Fischer. And Czech defender Detroit had revived.

Even worse thing happened six years ago, after the death of Alexej Čerepanov in Omsk. The KHL when not required to present ambulance with the necessary tools for rapid assistance. The KHL can give huge attention

“The situation has since changed. The KHL have a great sophisticated conditions and prevention. They give huge emphasis on everything.I do not know if this is so even in the NHL, “said SME Physical Training doctor Pavel Malovič.

Peverley coming into consciousness in the dressing room, but had to be transferred to a hospital for additional tests.

“not interested in my game, I did not care about her circumstances. The first thing I thought was that Rich needs urgent help. I am very scared. I do not have to experience anything like this, “said nhl.com Dallas coach Lindy Ruff.

Leadership League match postponed and immediately informed that Peverleyho condition is good and he is conscious.

“We had to use a defibrillator and electric shocks in order to return the heart to normal rhythm.As soon as Rich took over, knowing you tell me where it is located, “he commented Dr. Gil Salazar, who revived Canadian hockey player. Because of arrhythmia longer he pauses the

Experienced attacker has to pause the arrhythmia, which is why missed a couple of pre-season matches a kemp.

“It’s the same thing as the beginning of the season. Doctors monitor it throughout the year. We pay the full seriousness, “Ruff said last week when he Peverleyho omitted from the report.

Now is questionable whether it will be able to return to professional hockey.Fischer said he had to retire.

“I’d have to see exactly diagnose what it actually is, but in similar cases can be remedied operational problems so that it can pursue a career. However, he could not say whether I have already had to play over the summer, as he had problems, “he adds Malovič.

Similar cases are known in football. The most famous is Fabrice Muamba from Bolton, who received two years ago in a league match of the English attack. She recovers, but also had to retire. Rančík returned

Heart problems also had several Slovak athletes.To a career after they returned, for example, one of our best basketball Martin Rančík.

“I had problems with a faster heartbeat at rest. It was not deadly serious, but threatened to end my career. After the first operation it back, but after the second in Madrid resolved everything.Recently I finished a complete examination at the start of the season in Nymburk and everything was normal, “said SME Rančík, which currently defends the playoff title with Inter Bratislava.

According to Malovic may in future similar cases as Peverleyho more common. “It is associated with dietary supplements, energy drinks and refinement and in a country like ours with the fact that now the children do not make perfect but recruitment. Oftentimes turn a blind eye, which can lead to such problems.”