Koudelka finished in eighth in Ga-Pa, won Peter Prevc and is already touring

The winner of the opening race, Severin Freund, ranked third at 133.5 and 132.5 meters today, while Norwegian Kenneth Gangnes was ahead of the German jump. World Preliminary World Cup leader Prevc, who jumped 140 meters on a test bench today, became only the third Slovenian winner of the Four-Journey Tournament.

Three more Czechs have scored points. Lukáš Hlava, after a jump of 122 meters long, was twenty-five, Jakub Janda performed in the second round with a meter shorter and finished two positions behind him. Jan Matura, who moved to the final with the sixth worst performance of the opening round, took the 28th place. In the second round he has improved to 123.5 meters.

“I’ve made two good jumps, so I’m pleased that it’s a dozen.It is my encouragement to other races, “said Radiožurnál Koudelka in an interview. Finally, he found the right skis, which are shorter but have a similar speed to the others. “He sits on me. We’ll test the overalls yet, but this is the result I’m currently in, “he said.

If he removes some of the bugs in the technique, he might be close to the winners. “After Oberstdorf, we were criticized, but today we showed with guys that we were a good team and all of us went to the second round,” said Koudelka. However, he did not move up to a dozen in the overall ranking of the SP, which would give him automatic qualification in the race. “If I could do it, it would be better, but the qualification is not me.At least I try a bridge and catch myself, “he said.

Tournament victory is tapering to the Freund world championship duel with the double Olympic Sochi medalist Prevca, who has won the fourth race this season. Of the nine races he was not only one winner. In Oberstdorf, the tournament was the third.

The tour will continue in Innsbruck, where qualifiers and race will be skipped a day later.