Jarolím has taken up a full representation and wants to connect with Rosicky

The role of the coach of the Karel Jarolím team took place only on Monday, but he has already made the first inspection visit to Switzerland for the match of Basel with goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclik and defender Mark Suchý. The busy program is still waiting for him to head to Denmark for the weekend. He also likes to associate with captain Tomas Rosicky, who is considering his future.

“I’m slowly learning to work in a club, and the representation is something else.I did not have much time left in the office yet, it was not so much time “, he said in an interview for the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Jarolím. ” I have the first trip to Switzerland, the week I watched in action Basel with Tomas Vaclek against Bern, where Honza Lecjaks plays, “he added.

” I personally talked to Vaclek and Suchy, who knew they were in great psychological comfort. Basel has been on the lead for a long time and has also managed a match with Bern, and I believe that the boys will bring that positive attitude to the representation.For example, a long time encounter with Mára Suchý, which I had drawn as a very young one years ago in the first team of Slavia, was particularly pleasant, “he added.

The next trip awaits Jarolim, who replaced the European Championship Pavel Vrba, the weekend. “I’m flying to Denmark to watch the match between Midtjylland and Filip Novák with Venka Kadlec. I want to see our players live and meet them. My job will be similar in the foreseeable future: I plan to watch as many matches as possible with the players who are eligible for the nomination for the closest matches with Armenia and Northern Ireland, “he said.

“If I’m not in the stadium personally, we have enough DVDs to watch.Of course, this also applies to our closest rivals: I have already mapped several Armenia matches that we are going to play in the Preliminary Match and, of course, Northern Ireland against which we will qualify, “Jarolim said.

Nine-year coach is waiting for the first nomination before a preparation match with Armenia, which is on the agenda of August 31. And Jarolím will have to find the successor of several support, after the Euro ended Petr Čech, Jaroslav Plašil, Roman Hubník, David Lafata and David Limberský.

“None of the five players burned it from hour to hour, I fully respect their decision and do not intend to persuade anyone to change my mind. Everybody has done enough in the representation, which is mainly about Petr Čech and Jaroslav Plašil.We have to focus rather on finding their adequate successors and working together properly, “he said.

The future of the captain Tomáš Rosický, who was wounded at the championship, is still uncertain He did not decide whether he would go on. “Tomas is, I think, open to everything, he has not officially said anything. I will follow his next steps, but I will wait for his decision first, “Jarolim said.

” He is an extraordinary player, although he depends on many other circumstances – especially medical ones. So now is something to speculate about. But I do not say that we will not join Tomas and we will not talk together, “he added.