He was the jubilee, he made a fool from the Spartans: I will not give other goals, said Kubiš

He played his sixth career career and celebrated him best, as he could. He scored two goals, his Zlin shocked his favorite. Attack Pavel Kubiš has helped robbing the O2 Arena with actions that are more than hockey’s beauty football betting online pointing to the defeat of opponents.

“It was an emphasis on the goalpost. I’m hardly ever nice, “Kubiš smiled in Prague after winning 3: 0. Thanks to him, Zlin has jumped into an elite of ten. Sparta has smashed you, but she did not have much chance. It was your perfect tactic for you?
“The last match at home with Liberec was not bad. We played well, but we lost in one power in three. It was ours, but here before Sparta, we were very scared.For us, this win is terribly important from the psychological side. “

Did the match take the first third you led 0: 2?
, It was not our idea. We did not shoot too much, we got goals from everything. It was a happy third. “

Was Sparty feeling a cramp? She did not play well on Monday against Chomut…
“No, not at all. Sparta is good, though he plays badly. I’m not going to talk about spasms, even if Sparta is thirteen, they are three important points for us, they did not play so badly. But clearly, you will know when they have lauf and they throw it…Kase (Libor Kasik) also held us. We’ve already told him that if he wants to win, he has to catch like that (smile). “You gave two goals exactly the same.Behind the goal you swept the puck to the pole. Do not you make a little crazy about Sparta’s defenders?
“I do not think so. It was an emphasis on goalkeepers, I will sometimes find a nice goal. I was glad for these…”

The first goal of the emphasis was the other you did not even expect to give you the chance to go out, did not you?
That they will go after me, so I’m going somewhere between my legs. But no one went after me, so I tried to push it into the goal. And you went there. “

Still looking at the judge…
” I got a trap from behind, I did not know where I was. I think it was unnecessary…That’s a fairy, well. “

Did you know it was your 600th extra league career?
Yesterday, my cousin called me to congratulate me.I’m glad we lost points to those spades. For some, maybe 600 games are not a huge number, but I’m happy to have it. I am surprised that I endured so long (smile). “

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