Best Box of 2015? Krvavá řeza Joshua vs. Whyte

It’s decided. Anthony Joshua’s duel was the best match last year. Dillian Whyte. Just the battle for London clearly dominated the iSport reader’s survey. It’s no wonder, the hard clash of an increasingly popular Joshua with a long-time rival was a great show from start to finish. The British favorite will soon fight again, even one of the world’s top titles.

The iSport readers had the choice of a boxing match that is most enjoyable in 2015. And they chose it clearly. Anthony Joshua vs. Soul Dillian Whyte has won a sovereign victory. The Battle of Two Young Englishmen had style, tension, and was a demonstration of what the viewer was asking for.

The adventures of the ring rather resembled the beginning of a world star concert before the start of the boxing match.Joshua walked among the audience for singing rapper Stormzy, who was serving the song Shut up right out of the ring. Whyte bet on classic in the form of an immortal central melody from the Jelly, back to black AC / DC.

When the first round was started, a fistful of hoarseness was squeezed, which is rarely seen in heavy weight. The two boats started so that they could not stop even after the ringing. The guard had to interfere. That would not be surprising at the other end of the Atlantic, but the British Isles are not used to something like that.

VIDEO | Look at the whole record of the ruthless duel Joshua vs. Whyte

The favorite match was the darling of the audience Anthony Joshua. With none of the previous fourteen opponents, he had not spent more than three rounds in the ring.Five of them sent to the ground first. With Whytem he has experienced his longest battle, he managed to knock him up to a jack in the seventh round.

This duel was commented on by the winner right after the end: “Great, great, great! There was a street battle. “

Already on April 9, the British champion will be back on the battlefield. The opponent will be an unbeaten American striker and a new holder of the IBF World Charles Martin, known as “Prince Charles”. He has won twenty-one knockouts from the previous twenty-three games. So we can expect another crushing crash.