AO: Čepelová and Škamlová in the final of doubles

MELBOURNE – Slovak tennis players Jana Čepelová (16) and Chantal Škamlová (16) moved to the final of doubles of girls at the opening grandslam tournament of the season. The final deblových procedure junior overcome the well nenasadenou Canadian and Thai pair Eugenia Bouchard, Luksika Kumkhumová right 6: 3, 3: 6, 10: 7 (Match tie-break).

in the first part, a Slovak missed & uacute, water and r & yacute, hydrochloric Music player & CORPORATE vali 0: 2, SUVER FLY SW of & scaron, and to achieve the turn. To the kind and eacute, it was promising to drink, they drank beer, soon in scaron, if they had manko 1: 4 and have not escaped the so-called. supertajbrejku.In this case, after a particularly balanced course, a lot of scratch and scarons are very dramatic and dramatic;

In the fight for the title of the medal and the native, open-yacute championships and the Austroaccounts, the forces with the units of the dealership, and the girls, Madar Tahia, Babos and Canadian Gabriella Dabrowska.

“The beginning was from the scarons nore & oacute, zny, we have been playing 1: 3, and we have relaxed and improved this game more and more, in the 3: 3 mode, we started to make more chaques;On the contrary, we have been stashed, improved and scarred, we have played back and have touched the set to the famous and eternal end, “ has appreciated the d & ocirc; elizabeth & eacute; continued: “We did not use the 2: 0 at 2: 0 and the score was 1: 4. S & uacute, perky se zlepšar & scaronili, we started to play a careful & scaron, and it took until the end of the set. In the superstructure we have been designed to improve the scoring game from the first set. Leaders and Scarrons were in a 7: 7 moment when Chantal, after a long leap, threw a hand on a net in the net, and right afterwards, I made a direct point from the submission.We used the first & yacute;

Herriot Nagyov & Aacute, in 1994, won with Scaron and her mother Martina Hingis on Roland Garros, as well as on the parachutes, the 2006 season was championed by Martin Klijman and New York City US Open 2007 Krist & iacute; on Kuchov & aacute;.

Cepelov & aacute; a & Scaron, kamlov & aacute; Touquet made of silver and MS ITF “16” in Mexican San Luis Potos & iacute bronze.Hr & aacute; Tennis of the Ko & scaron ice complex and the NTC Čepelov & aacute program; is dom & aacute; cou Juniorkou of the year and is on the 15th floor in the so- combined world repertoire of girls by Medzin & aacute, native tennis federation. & Scaron; Kamlov & aacute; (TK Pieces Pie & Scarons), last year in Moscow, Eur & oacute; py vo & scaron, the crew of tennis players up to 16 years at the side of Vivien Juh & aacute, who is on the 62nd position in ITF’s retirement. >

Jana Cepelov & aacute ;, Chantal & Scaron; kamlov & aacute; (SR) – Eugenie Bouchardov & aacute ;, Luksika Kumkhumov & aacute; (Kan./Thaj.) 6: 3, 3: 6, 10: 7