Another Jablonec. How does football look like Hornik?

It’s almost a thirty-year-old story, but it tells a story about Ivan Hornik’s functionalist style. Thanks to that, Provincial Brandýs nad Labem played a sensational advance to the league. He was pulling out of the division so high.

“I bought half a deer, a goulash, I paid a few students to make us driver. We did eat, we danced, we went to Prague and back, it became a bunch. That’s why it was so up there then, “Horník recalls in his engagement, where he pointed to himself.

The time is quite different today, but the bet on the working cabin is still a priority for Horník. “I’m not a manager who would sit in the chair and say how he drives it all. I’m part of the cabin.I do not want the guys to love me, but to trust me that when we talk about something, that’s true. I have played myself, I can feel the feelings of the players in the cabin, “recounts the man who won three titles with Sparta and Žižkov played the former Cup of Cup Winners.

However, the Horník public confidence in the big corruption case of the year 2004, for which he was punished, will be difficult to obtain, with which he himself counts. Football was not even after a few years, he was given a great chance to be the sports director of Jablonec, club of Miroslav Pelta, soccer club. He wanted to create a competition from Sparta with Pilsen, he bought precious reinforcements, it was called that it has a budget of about 200 million crowns.But he crashed.

Sparta and Pilsen were running but did not do it. This season the team is upset, it’s up to eighth. Lowering costs, say, up to half, new concept is set, coach Jaroslav Šilhavý finished…

And in such an environment Horník can orient himself, as he did in Zizkov last season: he played with a financially devastated club o advance to the league! “Money is a lot, but not everything.I’m an old man, I can not imagine without proper chemistry in the club, “says Horník.

End of nonsense to the region

That’s why his first steps were behind the older Jablonec players, and he had a session with Captain Tomas Hübschman. “I do not want to do some fools, but it ended in nonsense when Jablonec bought fifteen million players. Our task is to buy for three and sell for ten. They buy five, three come out. So I’m telling the coaches: Make the five decisions three well.”I want to return Jablonec to a regional note, to have local people here to invite their neighbors to join in the house to talk about Jablonec.” He plans to return to Jablonec, giving a chance to the offspring, maybe somewhere, pulls unexpected names. “It is not the art of having Messi in Barcelona, ​​the art of discovering a little boy named Messi, bringing him and telling him to be a star,” Horník says.

“I had enough players in Žižkov who then have reached far, even at a time when nobody really knew them. Maybe Poborský did not go to Sparta or Slavia, but first to Zizkov. Ms. Kincla I bought from Liberec on the day of our mutual struggle, it is my life, I enjoy it.The corrupt case has blurted out everything in my name, but the football noblemen know that for my club I will do everything that I can build a team, to choose a coach. “