Monthly Archives: October 2017

Jarolím has taken up a full representation and wants to connect with Rosicky

The role of the coach of the Karel Jarolím team took place only on Monday, but he has already made the first inspection visit to Switzerland for the match of Basel with goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclik and defender Mark Suchý. The

Zlín was better, coach Sparta Holoubek said after relegation from the cup

Sparta’s footballer coach David Holoubek, after defeating 2: 4 in the MOL Cup in Zlín, admitted that his opponent was better and deserved. Letenský celok in Moravia lost 1: 3 after a prolongation and for the first time since 2011

The Martincans have won the races: Bystrica at home with just one point

BANSKA BYSTRICA – The only goal, even in weakness, fell after two-thirds in the match, when especially the Martincans occupying the bottom of the table was a lot. In the 29th minute after escaping with Galamboš, Kalembo Online klađenje u

The jumps in Kuopio won Stoch, the overall winner of SP Schlierenzauer

KUOPIO – Austrian ski jumping Gregor Schlierenzauer (23) became the second World Cup winner for the second time. Pollyk Kamil Stoch won the championship in Kuopio, but “Schlierimu” was enough to win the final and the final position. Schlierenzauer booked