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AO: Čepelová and Škamlová in the final of doubles

MELBOURNE – Slovak tennis players Jana Čepelová (16) and Chantal Škamlová (16) moved to the final of doubles of girls at the opening grandslam tournament of the season. The final deblových procedure junior overcome the well nenasadenou Canadian and Thai

Os motociclistas eslovacos tentaram a pista antes do Campeonato do Mundo: Peter Sagan com tarefas não-tradicionais

SPIANATE – Um dia livre de dia inteiro no Campeonato Mundial de Ciclismo em Florença e em todo o mundo foi completado pela equipe de treinamento eslovaca e Peter Sagan com uma palestra e discussão na conferência do campeonato junior.

VIDEO Slovakia will win millions of euros: We want to divide them into three parts

BRATISLAVA – Ján Kováčik said that the Slovak Football Association, with a probability boundary for the continental championship 2016, will receive eight million Euros from the European Football Union (UEFA). The League of the Slovak Football Association “I am very

Another Jablonec. How does football look like Hornik?

It’s almost a thirty-year-old story, but it tells a story about Ivan Hornik’s functionalist style. Thanks to that, Provincial Brandýs nad Labem played a sensational advance to the league. He was pulling out of the division so high. “I bought

Koudelka finished in eighth in Ga-Pa, won Peter Prevc and is already touring

The winner of the opening race, Severin Freund, ranked third at 133.5 and 132.5 meters today, while Norwegian Kenneth Gangnes was ahead of the German jump. World Preliminary World Cup leader Prevc, who jumped 140 meters on a test bench

Zampa went to the third fastest time in slalom, finishing seven in a hand

After a strong SG run, @AlexPinturault goes on to twin @hahnenkammrace AC ahead of @MarcelHirscher & #Bank – FIS Alpine (@fisalpine) January 23, 2015 KITZBÜHEL. Slovak skier Adam Žampa on Friday night scored for the fifteenth time in the

The Slovaks are in the complete composition before the German Cup

BRATISLAVA. Slovak hockey team trainer Zdeno Cíger already has 22 nominated players in front of the German Cup tournament in Augsburg (4-6 November 2016). On Tuesday afternoon, the coach of the national team only scored 15 players, including three newcomers,

The party is simply the most. Liberec footballers now run home and in Europe

Sincerely, Liberec has been lucky from hell and coach Jindřich Trpišovský described how he was looking for a button in a match to push his opponent to a lower speed. Nevertheless, underestimated guests from North Bohemia won 1-0, the coach